About Us


Family of the Good Name and Good Taste

Some say “Shem-Tov” and others, “Shemtov.” [In fact it is possible that our family name was at one point “Yom Tov,” but what’s in a name?]


While we don’t even agree on how to spell our last name, one thing we do all agree on: good food trumps all.

We are a tribal bunch with roots in vastly different parts of the globe – Iraq to Poland, Petach Tikva to Harbord Street – who have learned to bring the cultural influences of our families into creative expression in our cooking. Like our food, we are alternately spicy and sweet, and a mix of many flavors that coalesce in the kitchen.

B’ Te’avon!

4 responses to “About Us

  1. Ophir

    hey Yon,
    I found this recipe on the Iraqui Scribe. It is for Plau Besamak (rice with fish). Here is the link

    Click to access TheScribe41.pdf

    My lame contribution….

  2. Adam Leverett

    Nice to see you all again celebrating. A warm hello to you all. I still think about all that food! 🙂

  3. Ofir

    There is a distinct difference between Shem-Tov and Yom-Tov. Yom-Tov seems to be Ashkenazie in origin and often has been used by Eastern European Jews on holidays and ‘simchas’. It is also the name of a well known Eastern European rabi linked to the formation of the hasidic movement.

    Shem-Tov on the other hand is a familial name that goes back to Castilian times. Joseph Ibn Shem-Tov, for instance, was a philosopher and Castilian court physician who attempted to mediate the disdain shown for philosophy by contemporary Jewish scholars by attempting to reconcile Aristotelian ethical philosophy with Jewish religious thought.

    Not very scientific, but just a thought.

  4. What a beautiful blog you have! And such a shame it is discontinued…I hope you are still cooking!

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