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Iraqi Curry


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The Last Jew of Babylon – Video

Ofir just sent me a fascinating video about the heritage of Jews in Iraq, and as Ofir writes, “absolutely fascinating and very telling at the transition from Arab Jews to just Jews. Really a forced denial of a rich culture by Zionizm. If you change the last digit to 2 you will see the conclusion. I was crying.” I’ve linked to Part I of the video here.

I will upload Part II in the next post.

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Video: Mhasha – Iraqi “Cabbage Rolls”

Rachel explains that “mhasha” in Arabic means “stuffed.” In this video she explains how to make “stuffed things,” here she uses grape leaves but you could always sub in some cooked cabbage (drawing on our Polish side here!  Martha Shem-Tov has a killer recipe for those).  Bon Appetit.

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Video: How to Make Kuba Bamya


Nana Rina, the Shem-Tov Matriarch, with 14 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren (so far!) was the first one to turn us all onto Iraqi food. We used to spend every Friday night at her and Baba’s apartment, eating Kuba Adom and playing “Go Fish” and Shesh Besth with her, and her clandestinely teaching us how to swear in Arabic. While Nana doesn’t cook for us anymore, it is surely her cooking and our cherished memories of those days that inspires us to keep eating the same dishes.

Here is a great video from Rachel, a cute Iraqi woman teaching us how to make Kuba Bamya.


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Video: How to make Hummus

Loving cute Moti!

Check out his website www.sooogood.org

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Video: How to make Sambusak


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