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Like…Sari’s Guacamole


Liat (left) and Sari (right)

Sari, who just turned 16, has a sophisticated palate – and often has very sophisticated reviews of food, both of family and of restaurants (quote: “I mean, they don’t know how to slice an onion!”) Below is a go-to recipe of hers for a quick and healthy snack – she was watching TV while I managed to wrestle this one out of her. If you like it, some freshly chopped cilantro (which Sari does not add) is a nice addition. Thanks Sar.


  • 2 avocados, ripe (Sari says, “like a little overripe, you know…mushy”)
  • “and then like, thinly sliced purple onions, like..diced”; a handful worth
  • Diced medium-sized tomato; “take out the seeds”
  • Crushed garlic ; When asked how many, Sari responds, “Like depends how garlicky you like it.” She uses 1 and a half
  • a bit of pepper and salt
  • freshly squeezed lemon, “just like, half a lemon”
  • And…that’s basically it.


  1. Cut up the avocado and mush it with a fork
  2. And then, mix in all the salt, pepper, garlic & lemon
  3. Add tomato and onion last
  4. Eat it with tortilla chips

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