Your REAL AGE: Do you really want to know?

Let’s just say – for better or for worse – being the baby of the family usually brings along with it the perk of being the youngest. This used to suck once upon a time, but post-30’s, I much prefer to learn from my elders on the aging process.

A cool new website from Oprah-favorites, the men that brought us You: The Owner’s Manual and You: The Smart Patient, – Doctors Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz (above) – have a cool new website:

You can sign up, fill out an online test (it’s all free) and find out how old you really are – on the insides. A pretty comprehensive test that includes parts of family health history, your eating and exercise habits, shoots out what your body’s real age is, and then gives you a customized plan of how to either keep it in great shape- or get it in great shape.

The doctors have a new book out, “You: Staying Young – A Guide to Extending your Warranty”

I presume, although I don’t know, that the website and the  book (above) grew out of the book below, Dr. Roizen’s book   The Real Age Makeover. writes, It “begins with a self-test of 132 health factor questions that compare your calendar age with your “real age”–based on healthy habits plus heredity, he rounds up the usual suspects (sun exposure, sleep patterns, good fats) as well as the unusual (the kind of chocolate you eat, the number of nagging unfinished tasks, your catsup consumption).”


In any case, the website has a section on recipes that you can search by meal, ingredient and your particular health concerns.






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