Plau B’samek: Fish with Rice

Ofir is a favorite in our family – oft confused as the twin brother of Eli Shem-Tov. You can see a great shot of him in the “About Us” section – he’s the good looking man on the left. (Am I objectifying you cuz?) Born and raised in Israel, he’s back to his birth country for the first time in 20 years next month! How I wish I could come with you! How jealous – you’ll have t’bit in Doda Suzette’s backyard, surrounded by pecan and orange trees and about 30 relatives. Be sure to go hungry – Doda takes no prisoners, and accuses everyone of eating like a bird, no matter how much you can pack in. And we’re talking a whole day affair.

In any case, Ofir has passed along an Iraqi recipe for fish with rice – check it out here

Shabbat Shalom.


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