Za’atar & Sesame on Labane

If you have ever had the privilege of having fresh labane topped with rich za’atar, drizzled with that perfectly green olive oil – the best really being from the Druze – you know what heaven tastes like. What follows is an adaptation, from my friend Ruth Genn, who got it from Rajey at the neighbourhood Lebanese grocery here in Park Slope – “D’vine Taste.” It is a slightly less fattening version, and still delicious! Makes for a great snack, or breakfast.


  • Fage brand yoghurt (Greek strained yoghurt; I like the 2% kind)
  • Wasa brand crackers (or Kavli or Ryvita)
  • Za’atar
  • Sesame seeds
  • Optional: olive oil


  1. lightly toast sesame seeds in a pan –  add the za’atar; mix it up
  2. spread some greek yoghurt (makeshift labane) on the cracker
  3. dress liberally with the za’atar & sesame seed mixture. Yum.

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Filed under Breakfast, Snacks

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